I’m just a girl who has a dream that contains the best of me. There’s nothing much about me. But, I put whole faith on everything I write. I’ve always asked myself, why would I need a blog? But then again, it replied, Why not? So, here you go.

The Thin Invisible Line – between the insanity and sanity. Why? Because I have all always believed that for a man to become sane   or insane..It is all separated by that one, invisible line. You know when you have crossed it, you either in one of them. And, when you realize that you are standing exactly on the line, you, my man, are the best in of both worlds.

In short, in this blog, you have high chances to stumble upon my rambling and rantings. I’m not a firm believer of radical and satirical views (at least, I try my best to not be one). I’m not an atheist. I’m not saint, either. I just want everything to be in order and sometimes, to be out of order.

So far, since 1993, things that I have discovered about me are I am a Fighter, and a Writer 🙂



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