I am, you.


I am, you.
I have layers, one of the many things my society have given me.
I am not what you see with your naked eyes.
I am a student. I am a daughter. I am a firefighter. I am a husband. I am a Prime Minister. I am a warrior.

I am, you.
I have my throne.
I am a king and a queen of my own.
Regal as hell, hidden as heaven.
Building my empire, ruling my life and destiny.

I am, you.
I may have blue hair. Or grey. Or I can go hairless at all.
I may have big hip. Or small feet. Or I may have imbalanced shoulders at all.
I can look like anything I want.
I am not for you to judge.

I am, you.
I have wings.
Made up of dreams, bounded by responsibilities.
Pushing me higher and keeping me grounded.
Along the fly high I knew, freedom knows no absoluteness.

I am, you.
I have the flame inside me.
Getting me through the dark.
Giving me warmth during the cold days.
Teaching me to live, not to merely survive.

I am human.
And, I am just like you.



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