Look at me. Look beyond my body.


I’ve been slacking off on blogging for a while now (8 months, to be exact). I’ve been planning to write, organizing my thoughts now and then, scribbled them in my JotterPad app, sometimes on grocery receipts or some random papers. All that, yet I can’t find time to put them together for my blog.

So, why now? Why this sudden urgency to write? I’ll tell you why.

You see, for past few weeks, there was a wedding buzz in my family. My cousin is getting hitched. Known to many, Indian weddings goes on for at least 1 week which includes all the ritual ceremonies, wedding and post-wedding function. So, all the relatives (some of them who I have no idea at all) came down to celebrate.

Days passed. Wedding, done & dusted. Happy faces. All went good.

One fine night, this conversation took place.

Mom: Hey, you know what. Someone told me something.
Me: Told you what?
Mom: During your cousin’s wedding that day, this person was looking at you and finds you pretty. It’s just that..
Me: Just what?
Mom: He said, you’ve a pretty face, but you need to lose weight. You’ll look prettier.

I wasn’t taken aback at all. As a matter of fact, I kinda expected this when my mom hesitated. Before I can say anything, my dad chipped in –

You know, he’s might be right. Maybe you should lose some weight.

I said nothing but asked them this:
Why can’t people like him look beyond someone’s body? Why I need to be thin in order to be pretty?

I’ve always been a plump woman and I’ll be lying if I say I have not asked to lose weight or if I say I’ve never tried to lose them. And, I am not a person who condones obesity and unhealthy lifestyle. But I think people like him are MISSING few points before they can go ahead and speak up their mind.

1) Some people can’t control their weight. They might have medical reasons why their body is the way it is. It can be abnormal health conditions, medications, hormones and etc.

2) Lose/manage your body weight because you want to be HEALTHY. Not because you want to be pretty. Pretty face can’t get you anywhere if you have a pea-sized brain.

3) You have no idea what the other person is going through. Maybe they are already in their weight loss journey. Maybe they have lost plenty of weight and feeling pretty good of themselves. Maybe they want to stay that way. See, there are, a lots of possibilities. So, don’t be fucking judgemental. You know them, not their story.

4) Happiness. If you see a person is genuinely happy, no matter how they look – DON’T DO ANYTHING TO RUIN THAT. It is very important to live a life that you feel good living in.

I have walked past that phase of getting sad/angry/annoyed/insecure over condescending remarks people throw at me. I am improving my life, one step at a time. Everyday is a learning experience. The journey is imperfect and it’s completely okay.
So, what you told my mom didn’t affect me at all and I wish you have the balls to tell me directly at my face 🙂

To everyone out there, no matter who are & how you look, just be happy with yourself! Be so damn happy that the people around you be happy too. SPREAD HAPPINESS AND LOVE WHEREVER YOU GO! ❤



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