The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga


As a debut novel for an Indian author, Aravind Adiga..The White Tiger turned few heads on its way and paved a coveted spot on New York Times bestseller list.

The protagonist, Balram Halwai started off the book by narrating his life story to Chinese Premier in a letter, which he wrote in seven days and night. Basically, coming from ‘halwai’ caste and transcending it to become a accomplished entrepreneur is the whole point of the story line. What makes it very interesting is when Balram took every incident that happens in his life as an opportunity to learn. Even the bad ones. This novel is written from the eye of a struggling, under class Indian citizen who was born in rural area or ‘The Darkness’ and how he come to an extent to kill someone for the sake of surviving and living. Social issues as human exploitation, the importance of education, corruption, dirty politics and caste which were addressed thoroughly and satirically will make the reader wonder, “Am I contributing to what is happening to my country right now?”

In a country like India, where the rate of underdevelopment and impoverishment still rise day by day and this becomes matter of opportunity for the riches to behave the way they are, Balram Halwai makes a statement that he is the ‘Tomorrow’.

If you are from the down under of  social hierarchy and you want to be the ‘Tomorrow’ of India, you might need to give up on your education to pay off your sister’s ridiculous dowry. You might need to kill your kind NRI boss. You might need to sacrifice the lives of your family member for your own importance. And then, you will find your way from ‘The Darkness’ to the ‘Light’.

This is one hell of a book and totally worth reading it!



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