Crucial Claptrap (A Delayed Post)

Howdy Bananas and Potatoes (yes, currently I’m having a serious case of Minion fever), How are you guys? First and foremost, I apologize for my behavior. I should not make an empty promise. I was quite busy with tight schedules of classes and club meetings (And, I know I should not give any lame reasons to cover up my fault).
I’m sorry yaw; I know you would forgive, right?? Thank You. 🙂

Anyways, shush guiltiness and here I am, with all the rants about my new educational institute as I’ve promised.

1) Le Me: Walked pass by an unknown student, showed some courtesy and SMILED.
    Le Unknown Student: Ignores with a complete annoyed face 


So, the very first thing I noticed when I come here (of course, physically it is the humungous gate) is these robotic, emotionless students. I have no idea whether this scenery only take place in my university or it is some sort of trend among teenagers nowadays. Maybe the parents of these students are too afraid to be far apart from their children. So, instead of sending their kids, they send a very same, identical, my-child-look-a-like, robot to university. Sad, isn’t it? Whatever the reason is, you and I have to be aware of this fact – University is a pre- career platform, whereby socializing (in a good way, sir) is something that everyone should learn and should be applied in our daily life. No, I am not asking for a big, teeth flashy grin from you. A tiny, polite smile would do. And, I am not pointing out this ‘smile issue’ because of some cranky humans ignored me. No. I am pointing this thing out for everyone’s benefit. You can change on how people look at you with your smile. Being cranky just spoils the whole idea of ‘the first, best impression’.

2) A group of friends talking (le one girl from different ethnic INCLUDED). Most of them belong to one specific group ethnic. Instead of talking English for mutual understanding, they talk in their own mother tongue as that one, different girl looks on, confused with what is going on.


Okay, I AM NOT BEING RACIST. You know I’m not. And, I understand the ones who belong to the same race or ethnic are not being racist too. They feel very comfortable to converse in their very own mother tongue. It is not a huge mistake, but, maybe some consideration can be shown to the one who came from different race or ethnic. When I ask about this thing to my closest friends (They belong to a same race, so I am the odd one. But, they never fail to make me comfortable when I’m with them. Although, sometimes they do talk in their own language, but, there is always translation session for me, after every sentence), they told me Proficiency of English can be a problem for the ones who talk in their mother tongue. They might come from a Non-English speaking family or they have never spoken fluent English before. Yes, those reasons are valid. But heyy, language is something you pick up along the way. You can’t absorb and digest every English linguistic book in one day. Well, Rome was not built in day, you see. You just need a few dollops of ‘hardworking’ and ‘perseverance’ and few table spoons of ‘good English language material’ – Voila, You are ready. Why am I saying this? Because I come from a Tamil speaking family (yes, I speak Tamil to my Amma, Appa, tangachi, thambi, mama, athai and everyone in the family) too. The things is, I am not bragging about myself (I have my desi mom to do that for me); I am just saying that, WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS AND WE CAN DO ANYTHING. WE EVEN INVENTED PIZZA! (Ignore my folly, quite hungry right now) But, yes. There is nothing that you can’t do. So, buckle up cause life is not only about learning English. There is more to it. If you feel you can’t be friends with someone who came from different race because of your limited English speaking skills, don’t worry. You just have to start with a simple ‘HI’ and other things will fall into places. By the way, the most important rule is DON’T BE SHY, CAUSE IT KILLS YOUR CONFIDENCE. AND CONFIDENCE IS SEXY.

3) Le lecturer: Okay class, this is your first assignment. You have to do a video…
Le class:  VIDEO??
Le lecturer: about yourself…
Le class:  OURSELVES??
Le lecturer:  Yes, send it to me a.s.a.p, yeah.
Le class:  A.S.A.P?? Y U NO TELL ME HOW TO DO??


I don’t know. Maybe you are just being lazy or you are lacking of initiatives. Students nowadays are being ‘spoon fed’ a lot, until they cannot come up with their own solution for a problem or their own answer for a question. But, they are aware that we are living in a well developed, high technology society with most part of the world is filled up with netizens. They do have account in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and every other social media networking sites; you just have to name it. But, the sad part is they do not know that Internet is also a platform for you to learn. Instead of spending a large fraction of your life in various kinds of social media networking sites, maybe you can ‘goggle’ some educational stuff, which can be very handy for you when you need it. You will never know. Because, honey, when you land on a job after you graduate, your boss is not going to be your lecturer or teacher. He/she as an employer can just shove the work into your face in the morning and they want it done by the very next hour itself. Obviously, you can’t be spending your time watching tutorials regarding that duty you’ve assigned to in YouTube, right? You do it right away or you clean your cubicles and say ‘bye bye’ to your colleagues. Baby that is the life. The world is moving so fast, that it lefts with no choice but move with it together. You can few steps behind, but you need to catch up. In a fast pace. No, life is not race. We are not seeing for the champions but we are looking for who can get the work done. And, no, no one is going to wait for you.  So, every time our lecturers are assigning us with new assignments, I know it can be very frustrating. But, just remember one thing. IF THERE IS NO PAIN, THERE IS NO GAIN, MY LOVE.   

And that’s a wrap! I hope that there will be no more tiny dissatisfaction for me to rant about after this. Because, I’ve started to feel that I am in the right place now. Things are turning out as I expected after almost one month in here. Hope things will remain the same until I graduate. Hope I will remain strong and steady if things changes. That is all I can wish for. Adios and Goodnight.



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