A Fuddled Finishing of 2012: Sentiments that Shook the World


Now that we are in a brand new year, the previous 2012 ended on a mixed remark for us.

On the brighter side, regardless people believing in the Mayan 2012 apocalypse theory, THE WORLD DID NOT END! After all, NASA claimed, that our planet has been getting along just fine for more than four billion years. FYI, December 21, 2012 is a date that coincides to winter solstice in 2012 and the ending of a cycle in Mayan calendar. As the matter of fact, Mayan calendar does not even end December 21, 2012.  Because another cycle begins as just as immediately! Cheers For That One!! 😀

Well, on the other hand, fellow members of the world saw the most grisly crime that ended a life of a girl in New Delhi, India. December 16, 2012 – Victim, a 23-year old physiotherapy student was gang-raped and tortured with iron rod at the hands of six men including a juvenile (AGED 35 TO 17). Nobody knows her name or how she looked like, but no one took this barbaric act as a simple matter. She was then taken to Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore for a better treatment. As she struggled to stay alive, victim succumbed to her injuries and never woke up. This murder was a massive wake-up call for every human being. There was never a single criminal act left everyone shaken and furious as this one, before. Thousands and millions of Indians protested, demanding for a clear answer. Public anger pressured the Government towards new law enforcement for crime and violence against women issue. Gracias to 24 hours of television coverage, social media and newspapers – the whole world got to see real picture of this case. In particular, when her name was unrevealed, people of India addressed her with following names: “Nirbhaya”. “Ananat”. “Braveheart”. “Damini”.

But, the real wonderment now is – Is this issue will come to an end? Is the fact that the criminals are in a group, makes them feel stronger and more powerful? So, can we assume that this is one the proof that shows violence against women does not only associates with lust but also power?

Put this ‘Nirbhaya’ case aside, first. Widening the orbit of situation, let me bring you to look at this problem, globally.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), among women aged 15 – 49:

  • between 15% of women in Japan and 71% of women in Ethiopia accounted physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner
  • since the age of 15, between 0.3 – 11.5% of women reported sexual violence by a non-partner
  • 17% in rural Tanzania, 24% in rural Peru, and 30% in rural Bangladesh – whereby the first sexual experience for many women was reported as forced.

Now allow me to share with you something that I took from cyberspace which is related to historically established customs which is:

War & Militarism those days, allowed higher chances of violence against women.

  • World War II – Brothels were established, inducing sexual bondage for soldiers.
  • War that took place at Kovno Ghetto – Again, BROTHELS!
  • Bangladesh Liberation War – Rape was committed and was supported by the military. Over nine months, hundreds from thousands of women were raped (age ranging from 8 to 75)!


There can be more than one reason why this violence against women becoming pandemic. People can turn into a sexual tormentor just because they wanted to. There must be a reason for everything. Well, historians believe that the history of violence against women is tied to the history of women being viewed as an object. Then again, in this modern era, low level of education and exposure to women ill-treating society is seen as the primary ground. But the only reason that can be concluded for both eras (Present & Past) is the Unacceptability ideologies of gender equality AND Encouragement of sexism towards women.

Sorry, I am not trying to be a libber here, but try to see this matter from a victim’s point of view. From a women’s point of view.

Most of us had carried on the belief that women are violated because of their provoking dressing or behavior. The end result? Limelight is turned to the victims instead of the criminals.

If that’s the issue, How about the child rape cases and Muslim girls who veil their faces?  Do they look ‘provoking’ too? Try to Google names like Noor Shuzaily Mokhtar and Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. You’ll see the bigger picture of what I’m trying to assure here.

Coming back ‘Nirbhaya’. Ironic enough, her torturers were also from the same socio-economy as she was. But, they drifted away from the main purpose of living while the victim, had always supported her father small income who is airline loader, by teaching children around her neighborhood. Her family had to work hard so that victim could qualify as a Physiotherapist.
Well, father of victim wants his daughter to be known as the one who could bring change in the society, not as a victim of a gruesome crime. Yes, ‘Nirbhaya’ is indeed a changer. Not only for India, but for the whole world. Furious protestors and public anger certainly depicts the fact that our society are civically and civilly growing.

In 2013, I hope that Violence against women issue will be taken seriously in every part of our world. Things are finally changing for India, I guess. Let us all pray that, one day, every nook and cranny of our planet can be a Hallmark for Love, Peace, Justice and Democracy!

With this post, I would love to quote the famous public figure, Madam Marina Mahathir.

“There is not a single woman who has not felt intimidated and unsafe when she is out alone, in the company of strangers or having to walk on the streets. There is not a single mother who do not fear for her daughters every time they go out”



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