Love at Stripling Years: A Delusory?


So, Yeah.  This is what that induced me to write after so long. The ‘L’ word.

Yeap. You got it right.


I know, I know.  You must be wondering why I am babbling about something very common. Something that everyone knows.

Hold on right there! I obviously will recommend you to reckon on that area again. For me, Love, is not an affair that EVERYONE are well aware of nowadays. Especially hoi polloi of my age. Even me, myself.

Why? I’ll give you a clearer picture of what I’m talking about.

In a real life case, I have these two friends who are different in every way they would be. They are both from dissimilar lifestyles and surroundings. I want to keep these two friend of mine anonymous here. So, let’s just name them A and B.

First of all, the A girl. She’s cool, smart, outgoing. Liberal. But she has some hint of arrogant and foul-mouthed attitude. And she has Boyfriend


Second, the B girl. She’s smart, homely. Liberal but she has her own imaginary lines of limit in everything. Funny, merely quiet. And, yes. She has Boyfriend too.


What happened was, I asked these two of my unlike friends a question.


“What is it like to be in love with someone? How do you know that He is the one for you?”

I was actually quite flabbergasted with their answers. They both have the almost similar idea about Love. (At last, they DO have something in common. LOL)

Their answer was: “I don’t know. It’s like you have someone to take care of you. I am not really sure whether He is the One for me, but he makes me happy.”

(Of course, the A girl added a pinch of her ‘attitude’ together with her lame answer)

And, I’m like, THAT’S ALL? Duhh.

I thought….

Love is… when your other half never gets tired of you. Never stops you from what you like to do. Never complain but ask. Never demand but tell. Never make fun of your baby fats but joins you to work them out. Never get bored seeing your ugly, just-woke-up-from-sleep face. Piss you off to the max but solace you at the same time. Tells you what’s right and wrong. Never keep secrets. Do what’s the best for you although at first, it appears to be not so good. Try to be in their best attitude in front of your family. Make fun of your witty, naked childhood pictures. Mess with your hair. Never expects only sex but also respect, faith, care and hope. Turns your moody day to a good one. Never bothers to treat you like a princess or prince but never fails to treat you like a HUMAN.


That is the Love I know. I am not sure about it, though. Just a personal opinion from wide ranges of romance novels and rom-com movies that I’ve digested happily all these past and present days of my life.

But, I have to agree that they are a bunch of my friends still going on strong and steady despite of their fighting routine on weekly basis. LOL. They want their kinship to work and they don’t break up after a single fight or silly misunderstandings. And, I’ve seen a plenty of successful, happily married couples who whose love sparked during their childhood years or teenage years.

Sometimes this whole relationship thingy maybe is more to what you want to have rather than what you must have. One thing for sure, this won’t keep you happy all the time. There are ups and downs. Highs and lows. But, you’ll have this joyfull satisfaction that you’ve chosen your dearest soulmate. I think you’ll know the feeling when it’s right for you. (Okay, I have to stop getting mushy all over here)

Don’t waste your time with the wrong one. Well, No one is better than the Wrong one.  As the words of wisdom my momma told me, You are destined for someone. Just like Yin and Yang. Just wait for the Right thing to happen at the Right time.
(I know, My mum can be an undeclared philosopher -which can be annoying at times)

But what I say: Don’t believe what is not true or fail to believe what is true. Keep your eyes open. Don’t forget to Spread LOVE! And too bad Channing Tatum and Shah Rukh Khan are married. Sigh.